Ceramic Sculpture Woman
Day At The Beach 8x5.5x7.5 in
Sculpture Woman In Night
Stargazer 7.5x6x7.5 in
Introverted Ceramic Sculpture
Maybe Tomorrow 6x6x3.5 in
Kid And Parent Sculpture
First Day Of School 8x3x2.5 in
Ceramic Sculpture Emotion
Hungryyy 8x5x4 in
Ceramic Sculpture Humor
Out Of Toilet Paper 6x5x4 in
Lovers Ceramic Sculpture
Stuck On You 11x3.5x3.5 in
Large white vase with red hole
Where My Heart Is Vase 16.5x13.5x9 in
Purple vase with yellow edge
Spring Field Vase 7.5x2x1.5 in
Water running into a bucket from a faucet
Save Water (pot with lid) 13.5x7.5x7.5 in
A ceramic sculpture of a female body appearing through a yellow-green dress.
Existence 58x22x6.5 in
A teapot with an extremely long handle
Long Neck Teapot 12.5x7x5
Seven piece white sculptural teapot set on red washi paper
Spinning The City Tea Set 9.5x24x28 in
Shaped like a teapot running away, colored in pink with a purple hat and a yellow tail.
Catch Me Teapot 7.5x12x3 in
Shaped like a dancing teapot, colored in beige and green-blue.
Bamboo Teapot 7x10.5x5 in