Public Art

Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB), together with the Town of Dumfries and OmniRide, Bus Shelter Beautification Project.

“Clean Communities, Clean Waterways”

My design for the Town of Dumfries celebrates the town’s commitment to keeping its waterways and community clean. 

The design is meant to be fun and friendly for people of all ages, and will hopefully impress upon children the strong connection between healthy waterways and healthy communities.

See the links: Keep Prince William Beautiful

A bas stop in Virginia the Japanese artist designed
Bus Shelter Beautification Project in Woodbridge,VA (Old Bridge Rd at Antietam Rd - across from Woodbridge High School)

The title of the artwork is “Seven Animals On A Path To The River”. I created artwork for OmniRide and the non-profit organization, KPWB for their Bus Shelter Beautification Project. The theme was “Preserving the beauty of nature and wildlife for our future generations.” The shelter is across from a school, so I designed something colorful and joyful for kids. I hid small animals in a colorful forest, so children can have fun finding them. See: Keep Prince William Beautiful

Japanese female artist created vibrant artwork for the Art in Transit Program AIT of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority WMATA.
The public art project, 'Art In Transit' in Tenleytown, VA - at the east side of Wisconsin Ave. NW, north of Albemarle St. station entrance

The work is titled, “Community In Motion”, and was printed on vinyl from a digital design. I created a public work for the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and Tenleytown Main Street public art. The city needed to hide and beautify the ongoing construction at the site, so I created a design that celebrates the healthy and active community that has grown up around Tenleytown. I also coordinated with the town to give them the colors that they thought would be most visible to motorists. Please see:

Installation Concepts

Pink and purple sculptures in front of a library

Contemporary minimalist figure sculptures for hospitals, corporate buildings, government property, etc.

Storytelling sculptures for playgrounds, schools, libraries, educational facilities, etc.

Abstract sculptures for malls, airports, stations, etc.

Public art at train stations and bus shelters

Nature motif artworks for train stations, bus shelters, facility walls, etc.